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The guides you see are changing people’s lives. Become one of those people by spending a laughable sum on valuable knowledge. A dollar spent on guides will save you hundreds in the future! Become a better self with these guides!


The name speaks for itself. We have covered the basics in detail, providing extensive knowledge to everyone seeking it. All of the data included was carefully gathered by us and packed in a convenient enclosure, easily understandable and adaptable. With such knowledge, your start will be impressive!


These tips are something special. Only the most qualified promoters know them. Such information can’t be found online, it can only be learned from a personal experience. And you are lucky today because we are willing to share that with you! All years of our experience were condensed into a small file, capable of teleporting you from point A to point B. When armed with such an impressive weapon, you are capable of conquering all heights!


Everyone likes bonuses, right? By purchasing guides, you are not just buying the information, you are buying a full experience. Along with information go discounts, sellouts, special offers, and so much more. One purchase can give you all you need for an effective and efficient start of your journey. People seeking promotion advice will get promotion-related bonuses. But young producers will get databases of contacts and direct links to big producers. Isn’t that yummy?

Music Promotion service

Are you ready to kick some asses? Are you ready to show the world what you are capable of? We both know what you are after – fame and success. And there can be no success without some good-old ass-kicking. And sadly fists are no use here, so you need something more powerful, more precise one – music promotions. So, are you ready to become an expert in music promotions? Read carefully! Don’t miss a word!

Where to find those masters of music promotions to teach you?

We hope it will still sound modest enough if we say that we are those masters that you are looking for. But as every seller should do, we need to convince you to choose us, to make you our client. But we won’t do that. Noone will force you to buy from us with fancy words like “we are the best, choose us”. We’ll just show you what we’ve got and you’ll decide, whether we can be friends and partners or not. So, if you were looking for a place to promote songs, here’s what we offer:

  • Many years of experience and professional knowledge;
  • Team of true music fans that are ready to go all the way to deliver and know how to promote your music;
  • Fun and adventure, and some love.

Well, it still does not sound convincing, but mark our word – after you finish the text, you’ll see no other companion by your side than us. Gosh, it does not sound humble at all, but it is not on purpose! We swear!

Why do you even need to get real music promotion?

Well, that is a simple-to-answer question – because the reality of the modern music industry simply does not indulge anyone who’s trying to do everything naturally. Now, the only thing a musician can do is to promote songs one by one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the reality is cruel. No one appreciates good high-quality music now, every service just needs high numbers. High numbers are the true fuel of a modern musician, so don’t get confused by the quality of music and it’s position in the rating.

Don’t you get it? Don’t you see it? We thought such a clever human being like you would see it. But if you are only starting your journey to the stars, you have probably haven’t experienced that effect yet. But trust us – in time it will get to everyone. And when it does, it will be much harder to find a legal music promotion service that knows how to promote your music. So you better do it now, while you still can! The time is almost up!

How do we manage to deliver real and organic promotion for your music?

Easy – we just do everything in the most natural way, with all our diligence and attention. Yes, every service says that, but how can you be sure that they will deliver? There have been far too many ruined promises in our lives, and we are not planning to let you down!

There are so many ways to increase the popularity of a musician on music streaming platforms, and we know them all! Promotion campaigns on social media, attracting people through blogs and ads, viral marketing, collaborations with labels and whatnot – we’ve got all of it. No deceiving, only hard work and passion for music. Do you know that the mandatory requirement to become our employee is showing your knowledge in the music industry? Who’s track is it, how did that album perform across the years, and so on. Only true fans of music can work here, because if you have no passion for music, how can you give an effective promotion?

So, you can be rest assured that we truly are a legit and legal music promotion service, and that you will get only real music promotion from us! Make the right choice!

It is so freaking easy to get real music promotion nowadays!

Almost every musician nowadays knows about the promotion, that it exists, and it is no secret that almost every action of our lives comes down to simply googling it and doing it in a few simple steps. Maybe five years ago the process of promotion for a client was hard, now music promotions are easier and friendlier than ever. Hours of hard labor turned into a three-click process. Choose a promotion package, insert a link, and pay. It’s that easy!

Just open a trending page, the Top-100 list on any music streaming platform, and you will see a bunch of yesterday no-ones, and today-stars. And their careers were not built by hard labor, but by brute force, by music promotion alone. And now they have occupied all top-charts, they attend late night shows, and don’t seem to mind the fact that their success came a lot earlier than it was supposed to. And don’t get us wrong, we are not blaming them. Some of them are our clients, so we encourage them and you to promote your music, to get real music promotion.

And you, if you have some belief in your creativity, shouldn’t wait in shadows, hide from everything new. Maybe you thought that the entire promotion industry is a scam, but the time has come to open your eyes to the truth – it is a natural and organic way it is today. If it was all a scam, would people still use it? And music promotion has been around for quite some time now, so don’t be foolish, pal! Even if nothing works out – remember what Jerry Lewis said: “I’ve had great success being a total idiot”. Be an idiot!

Stop wondering and looking for music promotions – just do it!

We all know this famous slogan by Nike. And most of the time it is the right advice! Don’t be afraid to act, because those who are afraid achieve nothing. Do you want to achieve nothing? We both know the right answer! You are the winner by nature! Victory and fame is in your DNA! Just promote your songs! You need legal music promotion services, and we know how to promote your music. Isn’t it the perfect combination? This is the winning combination!



Great Service 🚀

Wow they cracked Spotify!

Few promoters know their way around Spotify, but boy those guys are golden! Got my track on a massive minimal playlist in a few days and I started getting followers, plays, listeners right off the bat. Look no further for your SoundCloud promo. (Note: they playlist names aren't always up to date on the site, I got a better one than what the product description said)

Alex P

These guys got 'em all

I was immediately impressed by the number of services they have – hundreds! Took the plunge and got a mix of SoundCloud and YouTube and was not disappointed. The boost is still there 3 weeks after and I got some Fb likes today, let's see how that goes ❤️

Groove Magazin

Insta Love shout out!

Top quality likes sent with impeccable timing. A lot from music-heavy profiles. This service is on the money, 5 stars!


Fantastic Guides 🔊

The list was supper, lots of tips, hidden info for the $ but some outdated. Great value still, now I know how to safe my time and choose the right way.