About us

Every hero has its origin story…

Long time ago, when the leaves were greener, four compadres were searching. Searching for an ultimate way of sharing their music with the world. Years of music creation gave them enough experience to generate memorable tunes. But the ever changing music industry has never given an opportunity to shine. Years went by and no popularity was near.

It all seemed like a journey without the end. All that effort, for nothing. Where to go? How to make music heard? Music streaming was still in its earlier days and various services wanted to leave our brave heroes without pants. Music promotion was too expensive back then. Luckily, four friends were not dumb themselves.

Quickly they started trying various methods, looking for new ideas. As their experience grew, they quickly understood that their true calling was not music creation but music promotion. Making other creators happy and popular brought more joy than becoming popular themselves. That was the moment when this story truly began. That’s where we’ll shift to first-person narration.

We are not astronauts, but surely can reach space-high levels! We’re not launching rockets, we’re launching stars! We’ve assembled a team of highly motivated people, whose eyes are sparkling, shining! Service is made by musicians for musicians. Our expertise in both music creation and promotion allow for an impressive level of tailoring. We know how to promote each track to provide the best results.

Our confidence is so great that we’ve started widening our list of options – now we also can promote TikTok, Instagram, YouTube. Anything you want – just name it and we’ll do it. Organic promo is now available to anyone, thanks to low prices and fast delivery.

Ultimate goal

We strongly believe that every musician should be free from thoughts about music performance. Thinking about promotion is hard, it takes valuable life resources. Better spend those calories on music creation. Let us worry about promotion – just let your creativity flow freely!

We strive for your success! There is no other thing that brings us so much joy as the success of our clients. We, marketing experts, are always ready to come to the rescue! Who are you gonna call? RocketFame!

Music industry nowadays is a dangerous place. Hundreds of popular creators on par with their producers are always ready to chop heads off of younger, independent musicians. There are too many musicians out there. Making a name seems almost impossible, especially if you’re not a promotion expert. That’s why you need a friend. A friend who’s more like a genie – always ready to fulfill your wishes of popularity. Always there to help you out, to guide through this world of sharp-toothed opponents.

Rocketfame – no less than the best promotion service in the world! For many years we’ve been around, silently helping musicians from all over the planet. Our team of experts not only mastered mainstream promotion methods, but also developed countless new ones. Each one was tested and debugged to provide the best results. Each time we say that our services are the best on the market – we mean that!

Few facts and goals

We’ve been around since the dawn of promotion. Having tested all flavors and dishes we’ve become experts in fame-cooking. With only a few pans and spoons we can create delicious, eclectic meals any gourmet will enjoy. Apply this analogy to music, okay?

Our expertise is not limited only by music promotion. We are also organizing festivals and events. Some of them are a part of a promotion campaign, others – just for fun! We work with artists from all over the globe, both small and large ones. If you have time and want to feel the energy behind music – visit one of our concerts!

Speaking of events. Do you like raves? Cause we’ve helped put together hundreds of rave festivals. Abandoned factories, night clubs, forests – we’ve tested various locations. Multiple parties, promotion actions on the streets or online – we’ve done it all. We do not play favorites – both popular and unpopular genres get equal coverage. All music is valuable, each track should find its listener!

What are our results? Time to brag!

No one likes math and numbers. We hate them too. But there is no better way of showcasing our success. Would you prefer small colorful stickers in the corner? We must give numbers, no matter how boring it looks.

For some people math is sexy. Some people like numbers. What if you’re one of them? Do you think you could withstand the urge of cooperation with us after you see those numbers? Those sexy thousands and millions? Don’t kid yourself! You want to see how great we are! And you want numbers!

So, here’s what we’ve managed to achieve in a couple short years of being operational:

  • Over 50k tracks on Apple Music were promoted;
  • More than 100k Spotify tracks (15k of them are real bangers);
  • iTunes got 30 new stars thanks to our services;
  • Beatport charts learned over 50 new names;
  • 15 new names were published in a Billboard top 100 chart;
  • DJ Mag chart has included 7 new pseudonyms;

Those numbers you see showcase only those clients who went all-in. If we count all musicians who simply got a boost in numbers, this whole page won’t be enough to list them all.

What are our powers?

We’d very much like to be able to fly like Superman. But unfortunately planes are our only options. But what superpowers do we have? What can we offer our loyal customers and new friends like you?

First item on the agenda – specifically tailored promotion. Each campaign will be designed specifically for your needs taking multiple parameters into account, such as music genre, its mood, idea, similarities with other tracks, etc.

Next – increased monetization. If you’re seeing a drop in revenue or overall low coverage – we know how to fix that. By tweaking certain parameters in specific ways we’ll help you become rich. Start earning thousands from your streams with high-quality promotion.

We spend a great deal of time and money on constant development, always perfecting our tools. Each day promotion becomes more effective, efficient. Results – more real, organic, legit. Promotion gets bolder, more prominent, while staying in shadows, unseen, unnoticed.

Rocketfame does not spare anything. We work with industry’s biggest players, the most popular music or content streaming services. From titans like Spotify or Apple Music to Soundcloud, Tidal, Deezer, and even Mixcloud. We know them all. If you think that’s all – you’re wrong!

Promotion is not limited only to streaming services. Social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat play an active role in music promotion. TikTok, YouTube – also are great for spreading your music. We use these platforms in music promotion, which means that if you need a boost in followers on TikTok – you know whom to contact!

You think that’s all? We can also work with slow horses – hidden gems, like Beatport, Shazam, iTunes, Resident Advisor. Those platforms are often overlooked but we know how to utilize their full potential!

If you thought that we select one option and stick to it – you’re wrong again! The best digital promo results come from sophisticated campaigns. Each campaign consists of multiple elements, carefully selected by experts to provide the best promotion results! To make you more comfortable, we’d like to share more details on some particular promo packages.

Blog-post promotion. This option is perfect for all newbies, since it allows not only to make music popular, but also to introduce themselves to people. Blogs are great. They give opportunity to tell about yourself, build trust between you and your audience. All big stars do it. They mask promotion as communication with fans, which results in natural, organic growth of audience and popularity. Why shouldn’t you try it out? Blogs are more personal, more alive. Build more intimate connections with your listeners through blogs, grow your loyal audience!

Here are three main features this packages include:

  • Posts in blogs;
  • Music clips, videos;
  • Music program;

Rise of streaming has given another life to old music genres that were considered obsolete – techno, rock, rap. Being unfit for modern tendencies they got a second chance, one more ability to shine! We do the same – give second chances! No matter how unpopular you are – we will give you a second chance. We will help you get back on top!

We’ve seen the hidden potential of music promotion a long time ago, and by the time it got real we’ve managed to spread our tentacles into every niche of it. We’re like Moriarty – a spider who knows which strings to pull to achieve the desired result.

No matter which music streaming service you use, here’s what you can get:

  • Plays boost
  • Followers increase
  • More saves
  • Additional monthly listeners
  • Playlist placement promotion
  • Targeted promotion
  • Specific followers
  • Monetization-improving promo
  • Fresh comments
  • Real reposts
  • Organic likes

From one service to another some of these may be unavailable. For example promo options on Tidal, Apple Music or Deezer are slightly different. DOn’t you worry! You’ll get the best results no matter which service you use!

Let’s not forget about social networks. Despite being a part of large-scale music promotion, we do promote them separately. Such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok attract huge numbers of users. They give a glimpse into a person’s life, allowing them to freely share thoughts, ideas, dreams. Social networks not only entertain billions of people every day, but also connect them. They erase cultural and geographical boundaries, effectively uniting people! To utilize the full potential of such platforms, we’ve designed powerful promotion campaigns both for musicians and content creators. How about discussing each service in detail?

Instagram. This network is probably the biggest player on the market and the best option for any promotion. Instagram pushes boundaries further when it comes to branding and image. Being an image-centered platform it allows to build a recognizable personal brand very fast. Promotion through Instagram is working for big brands, huge companies, as well as for small content creators or local shops. Proposed promotion packages for Instagram allow for a swift increase in likes, followers, shares, views, and comments. Any popularity-related parameter can be tweaked and increased with our advanced promotion technologies and methods. With these promotional packages you’ll be able to rise above your competitors easily, without raising a finger!

Facebook is by far the most visited by people. Over two billion people open a Facebook app or website every single day. Such huge coverage is great for promotion of anything. But with such a gigantic audience, it becomes almost impossible to stand out. If you’re thinking about pushing your creativity through Facebook, we advise you to invest in promotion on Facebook first! Get likes, followers, reposts, comments – everything you desire! Get them separately or as one coherent package – all for your satisfaction!

Another rising star – TikTok. Constantly growing platform has the potential to become the world’s most powerful media platform. Potential of TikTok was eminent even before its worldwide launch. That’s why we studied its peculiarities, examined all weak spots and designed multiple effective promotion plans. Each plan either targets one parameter such as likes of followers, or supplies all at once. Diverse promotion packages of various sizes and prices will satisfy any content creator with their versatility and effectiveness. Kickstart your career on TikTok with high-quality, expertly-crafted promotion!

And now, the main dish – YouTube. Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok are great. But no matter how great they are, YouTube is better. For many people it has become a number one source of entertainment, knowledge, and good mood. People trust YouTube, and that’s exactly why we’re emphasizing the need to promote through YouTube. This media platform is the best when it comes to building an audience of completely different people, not connected by anything except love for your content. Everyone loves YouTube. We’ve created numerous packages for YouTube promotion. Each one delivers superb promo quality and impressive results! YouTube was our starting ground, the first outside platform we’ve tested for music promotion. And since we still use it – it has proven to be really effective! We do both music promotion and channel promotion. Just choose your package and we’ll do everything for you! Your wish is our command!

We went even further by creating custom promotion plans for musicians that include the most powerful methods. Each one was specifically designed to target a specific niche and give specific results. All of them are artist-oriented and can be tailored specifically to customer’s needs!

These packages take multiple things into account. Here are some things that we account for while creating such plans: musician’s background, previous promotion experiences, music genre, track length, main motto or idea, existing stats on different platforms, etc. Complex research is embedded into each promotion plan, resulting in great results on a first try!

Our diligence and dedication allow us to be leaders in the music and content promotion industry. We provide specifically tailored promotion packages for musicians and content creators. Promotion is optimized for new releases, already published music, or even for tracks that must be brought back from the dead! They effectively connect social media platforms and music streaming services for an ultimate promotion results!

Attract more traffic to your accounts on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and other services. Get more real and organic activity easily, without spending too much on promotion. Promotion is fully automated, you have to do nothing. Just order a package and wait. Spend free time on music creation, without thinking about boring music promotion.

Our service has nothing to do with fake activity or bots. Every improvement you get is organic and legit. Modern promotion techniques allow us to supply real improvements to our clients. Not clients – friends. All followers are real, organic. Each play you get is also legit. Don’t question our methods – they do work!

Get your portion of organic growth right now! Learn more about marketing and promotion from our blog. Become a rocket ship and reach stars with us, Rocketfame! This basically concludes our story. We continue to help musicians from all over the world no matter the cost. If you are struggling to grow your audience – we can help with that!

Why wait for success to come naturally? Speed up your career development with expertly crafted promotion! We are your loyal servants, a true friend who will never abandon you! We will be with you till the end! Let’s work together on making you a star!