• How it works?

    After you click “order”, the system will register your application. Delivery process will start instantly, securing 1-2 day delivery time. This length may depend on the selected promotion package, it’s size and promotion complexity.No personal information is asked, no passwords, emails, credit card numbers. All we need are the links to the promoted pieces.

  • Are there packages or deals available?

    There is an option to buy bulk packages, combining promotion options into one, ultimate solution. Packages are available for singles, EPs, albums, multi-singles, etc. Any type of musical content can be promoted with packages. Every music streaming platform is supported, from Spotify and SoundCloud and Deezer. The more you buy, the more options you unlock.

  • How to submit the link?

    In the order form there is a question and an input field right for your link. If ordering this way is too unclear for you, feel free to submit by sending us an email. Send links to us with the order number and we’ll do the rest.

  • What to expect? When will I become a star?

    Despite the instant start after ordering, the promotional actions do not start that fast. First, our team needs to evaluate your music and select the most appropriate promotion strategy. During this process, the campaign gets designed, alongside strategies.After the preparatory part is over, the real deal starts. The results get displayed within a week depending on a number of promotion goals you set. It takes that long due to our commitment to providing the best quality possible. Only by doing it with diligence can we manage to provide such high quality of services. Our professional work, utmost organization and thorough preparation result in fantastic results, huge career boosts.
    Preparations take 1 to 3 days depending on your order. They include track pitching, placement gaining, various partnership arrangements. Again, the length of the preparatory part may differ based on the size of your order, its complexity, and the range of promoted parameters.

  • Is there an option to get a refund?

    Since we value customer satisfaction above anything else, there is an option of a refund. If you are not satisfied with the results of our services, you can apply for a refund. Also, we offer changing refund to an additional promotion or changing the service entirely.

  • Do you offer any discounts or sales?

    If your basket exceeds 150 dollars, we offer a 10% discount. Every quarter we are sending an email, containing news and announcements of future sales. Be sure to subscribe for it! Also, personal promotion packs do include free consultation and thorough account analysis.


  1. Are the provided promotion services (likes) real?

Since every like is clicked by a real, organic human made of bones and flesh, our answer is YES! In our arsenal there are dozens of promotion techniques that allow us to attract real traffic. Including blog placement, playlist placement, mailout promotion, social media campaigns. Any music platform of your choosing – we know how to attract new, fresh people to your profile.

We strongly depend on the satisfaction of our clients, so staying reliable and trustworthy is our priority. That’s why we put effort into eliminating any artificial actions that may have rendered the promotion as “fake”. Every like you get is real.

  1. Are these followers gonna stay with me forever?

We’d very much like to agree to your question. However, it depends solely on followers. IF a person decides to clean his library, there is a chance that he will unfollow you. Create great music and no one will unfollow you. If you notice a drop in the number of followers, we provide a refill. Only the first three months count and make you eligible for a refill.

  1. What data do you need from me for a placement?

Here’s what we need for a successful blog placement:

  • Some background info, bio
  • Track sample or a video
  • Cover in high-resolution
  • Picture for the blog (also in high quality)


  1. When are your playlists updated? How long can my track remain in it?

After placing an order it takes up to two days to place a track. We will keep you informed and notify you as soon as the track gets public. Standard placement time is equal to ten calendar days. This placement time can be prolonged with a bigger order. Make a custom order and choose the placement time yourself.

  1. Can I get a link to a playlist to check whether the song is present?

As a part of client-notification procedure, we do share a link to a playlist your track is placed into. Contact us in case of questions.

  1. Are there any genre limitations?

We have no limitations regarding the music genre. Every genre of music is represented by a corresponding playlist. Work in adding new ones never stops. Our curators work day-and-night to create more playlists, loved by listeners and musicians. Genre-specific playlists, topic-specific, or even mood-specific ones – we’ve got them all.

  1. How much can I buy in one transaction?

Sadly, we made an order cap of 500 US dollars for one transaction. If you need more and your ambitions are sky-high, contact us directly and we’ll make an exception for you. Splitting into multiple transactions is also possible, contact us for that. Such a limitation is not our will, but a feature of our partnering payment system. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience. We are constantly working at improving our payment system, making the checkout process easier, more fluent. Hope you understand.