Privacy policy

The way private information is used and processed by us is covered by Privacy Policy. We constantly implement additional security measures to ensure maximum protection of user data.

Any data we gather will be used only for order delivery purposes. No data is sent or leaked to third-party companies.


Our promotion service bears no responsibility of any content-deletion or account suspension performed by Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, TikTok, or any other platform.

Note: We are not affiliates of Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pandora, iTunes, Audiomack, Tidal, or any other music and content streaming/hosting platform.

This Privacy Policy does describe how personal data is collected, processed, used, or shared every time a client visits or makes a purchasing action on ROCKETFAME.

Our services are dedicated to helping music creators on various streaming platforms. In order to deliver orders some data must be gathered. Our system may collect different types of data through provided services. Personal information gathered is used solely for order-delivery. Additional processing of the data can be done upon users’ consent.


Each time a person visits a website, a certain set of data is automatically collected regarding your device, internet browser, time zone, IP address, and additional cookies already installed on clients’ devices. In addition to that data, during the website browsing information regarding individual pages and products clients are looking at, what search request led people to our website, and website interaction patterns. All this information is collected automatically and will be further referred to as “Information about a device”.

Information about a device is collected by these technologies and systems:

  • Data files, placed on a phone or personal computer called “Cookies” do include a unique anonymous identifier. Please visit for more information about cookies and ways to disable them.
  • “Log files” are tracking all actions that happen on a website, and collect information regarding users’ IP address, type of browser, exit/referring pages, internet provider parameters, time/date.
  • Electronic files named “Pixels”, “Tags”, “Web Beacons” collect behavioral information regarding users’ usage of a website. 

Every time a user makes or attempts to make a purchase on our website, certain data is collected. It includes customers name, shipment address, billing address, payment data (credit card numbers, e-mail, phone number, social media links, links to streaming services, etc.) This data is further referred to as “Order data”.

Each time you see “Personal data” in Privacy Policy it means a combination of “Order data” and “Information about a device”.


Order data is generally used for order delivery, providing services. Also, this data is used for:

  • Communication with customers;
  • Protecting our system from possible fraud;
  • If corresponding preferences were selected, to enhance advertising of services and products, improving provided services;
  • Advertising via Email;
  • Refund and cancellation.

Information about a device is used for service protection of fraud and various informational attacks, website optimization and improvement of user experience, user interaction.


Personal Data is shared with third parties according to above mentioned principles. Our online store is powered by Shopify. Read more about this service and how it handles personal information under this link: Google Analytics is used to better understand customers behavior, interaction with our website. For more information regarding how Google Analytics handles user data please visit: Additional information may be found here:

Personal Data may be shared for compliance with regulations, rules, laws, for responding to subpoenas, search warrants or other requests bearing a lawful status for any data we receive or protection of our rights.


As it was mentioned above, Personal Data is used for improvements of our targeted ads or marketing messages we consider interesting and valuable for our customers. Please visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s educational page to find out how behavioral ads work under this link:

Check out how these platforms handle behavioral advertising:

  • Bing:
  • Google:
  • Facebook:

Also, visit a Digital Advertising Alliance portal for more additional information on these services:


Our data collection algorithms and data processing practices do not change if your web browser sends a “Do Not Track” signal.


If you are European or a resident of a European country, you have the right to access any information gathered by our service. You can ask us to delete, update, or correct this information. If you want to do it, please contact our support team.

In addition, if the client is European, or resident of the EU, processing of personal information will be done in order to fulfill an order or accommodate for business intentions mentioned previously. Information gathered from EU residents will be transferred to countries outside of Europe, such as Canada or USA.


Unless a client asks us to delete information we gathered, it will be stored internally since the moment of order placement till the end of time.


Privacy policy can be changed or updated at any moment to suit new promotion realities better, accommodate for new promotion methods, ever changing regulations, or strictly legal reasons.


The website shouldn’t be used by people of 13 years of age or less.


To receive additional, supplementary information regarding above mentioned privacy practices, file a complaint or apply for a refund or cancellation, contact our team via email: [enter email]