Fame is one step closer with music promotion guides

So you’ve made a track, a real banger. The lyrics are good, the instruments are perfectly balanced, and the sound quality is fantastic. But yet something is missing. One small thing that prevents it from becoming number one in all charts. That one detail is promotion. So small at first glance, unimportant. After a closer inspection it reveals itself – a cornerstone of a successful musical career.  The savior is here – our music promotion guides!

Content promotion from A to Z. Step-by-step guide for everyone!

Evolution can’t be turned back. It can’t be stopped, paused, reversed. Everything is changing, every aspect of human lives. Content promotion is evolving, growing, changing shapes. To stay on top it’s necessary to always have the newest tricks in the book. If you’re not yet started promoting your content, it’s time! Every minute you wait, the realities of content promotion change. Hurry up getting any of our complete guides for high-quality, effective content promotion on any platform of your choosing. Constantly updated PDF guides will help you stay on top despite any changes in a promotion industry.

Every artist needs an audience. The bigger – the better. Only by utilizing multiple promotion tactics at once it’s possible to enlarge it fast. Proposed guides provide all the necessary information, explanations for every step, action, purchase. Follow them to get a real boost in popularity!

New year brings new trends. New tricks, shortcuts, tips. This year continues the tradition. So many options are available. Playlist promotion, buying followers or plays, combining promotions on multiple platforms to achieve greatness on one… So many routes to explore… Reaching Spotify Top 100 charts, monetization of Soundcloud. Learn which music streaming service to choose, how legit content promotion is done, how promo services work on YouTube and TikTok, master Instagram! Learn how to make magic! Here are some quick sketches of some guides available.

Spotify promotion – for ultimate results!

The biggest music streaming platform gives close-to-unlimited opportunities when it comes to music promotion. Competent Spotify music promotion can turn a toad into a princess, a complete no-one into a star. No need to introduce Spotiufy, right? Over 600 million users, worldwide popularity, star-conveyor, all that. It has high royalties for artists, smart algorithms everywhere, two tiers of listeners to choose from – the best stuff.

To get the best of it it’s necessary to be well-informed about every little trick, every pitfall. Without a complete guide starting manual promotion is a suicide!

To find out how music promotion must be done on Spotify, read our guides. Learn how to kick your Spotify career off in a natural way. Written by true experts, they give explanations to every aspect of promotion. With such knowledge your promotion foundation will be strong as ever. You’ll know when to act, how to act, and why each action is needed. Valuable insights into peculiarities of this musical kitchen, best recipes for success, in a small, affordable enclosure. Become a master of playlist promotion, follower or play purchasing. Only effective tactics, with numbers, expert predictions and guarantees. Explore ways to put your music in everyone’s ears fast ‘n easy, get in Top 100 charts without breaking the bank!

Crush Soundcloud top-charts with these guides!

Everyone knows Soundcloud, right? Their music app is one of the most popular streaming services in the world right now. No introduction is needed for Soundcloud. It’s a popular platform, gaining popularity every day. The app provides multiple ways of promotion, strategies, approaches. For every musician Soundcloud can become a great shelter, home of creativity, and a fame-factory. To learn how you can become popular on Soundcloud read our guides.

From these guides you will learn the basics of Soundcloud promotion, ways to make yourself more visible. Buying plays, likes, playlist promotion – every option is dissected, explained, supported by numbers and real-life examples. Learn what a real popularity is made of, how such a twisted machine as Soundcloud works. All there is to know to get a real career boost written in a comprehensive language, wrapping your head around it is fast. With our expert-quality guides you’ll be able to promote music like never before. From zero to hero in a few steps!

Top 100 Charts – your music belongs there! Make it a reality!

A wet dream of every musician is seeing his/hers track in Top 100 charts. Choose any streaming platform you want – we have guides for all of them. Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Music, you name it. it it has Top charts – we know all about them. Trust our guidance, promotion experience, allow us to turn your dreams into reality. With our help, all corners on this journey to fame can be cut, all struggles – ignored. We know how to promote, where to click, what to buy. Let us pass this knowledge to you, and you’ll be able to promote music with ease, clear understanding, and solid results. Read how you can make everyone listen to your music non-stop and bring you millions every week!

We know the bizness, the industry. We’ve examined every nook and cranny, every loophole. Whom to contact with, to collaborate with, to feature. How to do it all effectively and efficiently. Our professionally-crafted guides bear all the necessary information for a successful promotion. We are offering you a complete set of instructions, algorithm of success, if you will. For a small price you will see how easy it really is to build a victorious musical career from scratch. Learn how ranking systems work, how to influence them and get on top promptly. These guides are the last ingrediente to add to the pot. Great music is there already, talent, diligence, confidence. All that’s left is a pinch of promotion…

Create more noize and impact with TikTok promotion of your music.

TikTok is killing it right now. The fastest growing social network, huge coverage, really working algorithms. For any musician it is a goldmine. Promotion of music on TikTok yields twice the result – popular TikTok account on itself plus redirecting traffic to any music streaming app of your choice. You were looking for gold but found diamonds! We are giving you a pickaxe for fast mining!

Bear in mind that the TikTok audience is mostly teenagers. Adjust your content accordingly. Our guide covers music promotion through TikTok in full, and gives examples of how it’s done. You can find multiple pieces of advice for trend following, algorithm-tweaking of content, etc. Learn how to create a content plan, earn money from TikTok, and redirect traffic to your favorite music platform. We’ve made sure to create the most detailed, thorough, informative guidance piece on the web.

Master YouTube easily!

Want to get millions of subscribers? Don’t ask people to hit that bell, just read our guides. You’ll be amazed to find out how much useful info can be squeezed into one PDF file. One guide to rule them all. With such a powerful piece you’ll learn how to find your niche, viewer, sponsor. From basics to max depth in less than an hour of reading. No garbage facts to fill up the volume, only real tricks. Learn all there is about YouTube, from the start of your career to multi-million audiences. Densely packed with information, our YouTube guides will come in handy to anyone!

Can you become a god of Instagram?

Instagram is growing constantly. It is time for you to grow with it. Enough mumbling about unfair life, take matters into your own hands. With our complete guides and knowledge inside, you’ll be able to build a successful career on Instagram from ground up. Latest tricks, newest tactics – all gathered in a small file. All that great knowledge can become yours for next-to-nothing! Speed up your journey to the top with effective, professionally-written promotion guides.

Billboard Top 100 doesn’t know you yet. Show them who you are!

You know that you’ve reached the top when your tracks appear in the Billboard Top 100 list. Even if you were nobody before, a brief appearance on such a prestigious ranking gives a huge boost to a career. It’s hard to estimate how big the boost is, but it not only saves forgotten musicians but brings hundreds of new creators to the light every month.

Getting mentioned on Billboards’ website is an honor not every music creator gets. Promotion of music via Billboard Top 100 list is an effective, organic, public-friendly way. With such a promotion you are just screaming to the world “I exist!”. Everyone hears that and crowds of fans start appearing near your porch.

With our guides you’ll learn how to make your music featured on this rating on top positions. Working advice, leaks, selection process details – all you might need to push yourself further. If you were curious about getting into this list, you have the option not only to find out how to do it, but actually do it.

Add some “How To” promotion into the mix

If you’re new to the biz, we’ve got you covered. We offer not only promotional support for young creators, but also mentorship. Our mentoring is represented in a form of guides you can purchase. Don’t know the shortest way to the radio? There is a guide for that. Need to start monetizing your favorite streaming platform? There is a guide for that. Choosing a streaming platform? Starting as a producer? Creating a label and you need to know how they work? Want to know how music is distributed effectively? Again, there is a guide for that. Look at this variety and choose what you need.

To get or not to get? Get!

These guides offer easy-to-follow, self-explanatory, deeply researched materials. If you are a young, independent musician or content creator, it’s hard to overestimate the effect of such knowledge and its implementation. Use our guides to become popular on any platform fast. Get valuable insights on how such services work, their weaknesses and learn how to use weaknesses in their algorithms. Besides all that, every guide comes with a bonus. Let it be a surprise, okay? We won’t tell you what it is. It’s definitely the best way to spend your lunch money!