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Life sometimes seems complicated and unbearable. Everything doesn’t go according to plan, and your actions don’t bring the proper result. And it seems to you that everything is collapsing, that nothing can save you. Especially frequently, such thoughts arise in young people in our time. They want to achieve something, do their best, and execute recognition and success. Show the whole world that they can do it! Declare themself and get a good return!

The Hurtful Truth of life…

But then they are faced with a cruel reality that doesn’t allow them to do so. And it seems that everything is against you, the whole world wants your failure. At that moment, all you want to do is cry, crawl into the blanket and lie there, curled up in a ball. And lie so long that no one touches you. I know, I had that feeling too. But believe me, this will not save you from solving problems and will not help you achieve your goals. Alas, you have to take matters into your own hands and act. “Sometimes you face difficulties not because you’re doing something wrong, but because you’re doing something right” – once said M.L.King. And he was absolutely right.

For musicians, this is both a good and a bad age. It is superior because the difficulties with creating and publishing your music have been reduced to a minimum. For this, you have everything – music platforms, social networks that help you advance in the music field. No more recording music in your garage and playing it at local events in the hope that it will be appreciated by a random producer passing by. It is enough to put it on the music platform and promote it there, on your own.

The other side of the coin is that it has never been so easy and quick to become a musician. Therefore, artists are multiplying at an incredible rate. And to break through this sea of ​​musicians becomes more and more difficult. You need to constantly develop, come up with new methods of promotion, be aware of new trends and apply them.

Use Resident Advisor promotion to attract people to you!

Resident Advisor promotion can be a new non-standard promotion method. What is it, and what is it eaten with? Resident Advisor is an online music magazine and community platform dedicated to showcasing electronic music, artists and events across the globe. RA provides:

  • news
  • music and event reviews
  • films
  • features
  • interviews

The website also manages services that include event listings, ticket sales, club and promoter directories, photo galleries, artist and record label profiles, DJ charts, an online community, and the RA Podcast. In general, this is a magazine that you are interested in reading if you are constantly spinning in the music field. It is read by both the artists themselves and their listeners. After all, everyone is interested in uncovering new music and starting listening to it before it becomes mainstream.

Why do I recommend the RA promotion to you? Because it is effective and safe, and most importantly, you will be able to attract the attention of real listeners, who can later become your fans. Resident Advisor publishes all sorts of music selections, and readers listen to her opinion. So when publishing your music in this magazine, it will not look unusual and suspicious. It will be like another regular post in RA. And readers will be sure that if your music hooked the editors of the magazine, then they will more than like it. This way, you will be able to attract an abundant number of amateurs of good music.

Effectiveness of Resident Advisor promotion will give you anomalous growth!

Another reason to get Resident Advisor promotion is the very non-standard nature of such a promotion. I think savvy users of streaming services have noticed that promotions there are limited by some criteria. Most often, it is the purchase of likes, plays, and subscribers. Usually, for promotion on such a platform, it is proposed to increase one or several criteria at once. In this case, you have to constantly make sure that they grow in the same proportions so that there are not too few plays on an individual track and it does not seem like an outsider. You need to constantly get out so that the internal algorithms continue to promote your music.

In our case, with RA promotion, this does not happen. There is no need to try to influence the algorithms or follow all the criteria separately. It comes as a comprehensive organic promotion. Your music is added to some collections, to DJ charts, to posts about new music, and listeners come to you on their own, subscribe, listen to your tracks and add to favorites. Here all the criteria are pumped at once. And a small number of artists use this method now. They simply don’t know about it. And obviously, finding such an effective and unpopular legal method is a treasure in our time. Those who have been trying to move forward for a long time are well aware of that.

RA promotion forces people to like your music.

Why hasn’t this method become so popular yet? Because not everyone thinks about the possibility of promotion through magazines. They are still hung up on trying to please the algorithms on streaming services. But what they don’t realize is that it’s much easier for listeners to like the music they found “themselves” in a magazine than it was suggested to them by recommendations.

Yes, in fact, this is the same thing, the same playlists with tracks, but from a psychological point of view, a person always appreciates more what was more difficult for him. Having found a track on the service, it takes one click to add it to your favorites. Having found a track in the magazine, you need to follow the link or enter the track yourself in a search engine, which complicates the work, but at the same time, makes the track more special for a person. Gives him the feeling of going through hardships and finally getting what he wants. And it’s delightful to feel. Admit it, when you eat a sliced ​​apple, it seems much tastier to you than when you bite off a whole one. So here is the same.

Another aspect is trust. We, as humans, tend to trust authorities, whatever they may be. We trust bloggers, celebrities, and people on TV, even if they are so often wrong. This trust comes from the position that if a person is considered an expert and has simply achieved more than we do, he speaks the truth. In our case, everything is the same – if this track was included in the selection, then it is fabulous! After all, it cannot be otherwise. If it’s written, then it’s true! This is what Resident Advisor promotion plays on.

Become a real musician with Resident Advisor promotion!

That moment has come. It’s all up to you. All you have to do is stop being afraid and take this step. Finally, buy the Resident Advisor promotion and get a lot of new real listeners. And then everything else will go: money, tanks, bitches, parties, drugs, death at 27, as befits a real musician. Hah, just kidding of course, but in any case, be careful.

Look, do not miss your chance to become popular now, do not wait until this method becomes banal and ceases to be effective. While not everyone has gone through the success of such a promotion, it is necessary to use it. It remains only to decide. Take life into your own hands and get out of this cycle of disappointments and failures. Dare