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Aren’t you tired of feeling that something is missing from your life? Something that was never there? Something that does not allow you to sleep at night. Something that comes to you in your fantasies and dreams. That feeling, we all had it at some point. For some people it was the absence of love, for others – absence of fresh lettuce in the store. But for you, an independent musician it is the absence of popularity on SoundCloud.

Yes, you are on SoundCloud! One of the best damn music streaming service in the world! Home of talents and credle of stars! DJs, music producers, labels, single musicians, bands – all of them are there. And now the time has come for you to stand out from the masses! To scream your name out loud! To show the world what your music is worth! To unleash your creativity and talent! And there is no better way to do it than a real SoundCloud promotion!

New followers, huge audience, organic plays, genuine likes, legit fame, promotion strategies and campaigns, success – if any of those words made your heart beat faster and pupils have dilated even a bit, then we have the connection! Deep connection, almost friendship! Let’s hug! Yes, hug that screen, that laptop, that phone, hug that bad boy right now!

Now, when we are done with hugging, it is time to find out…

How to get real SoundCloud promotion

Are you new to the internet? Don’t you know how to buy stuff online? Okay, okay. Here’s how to promote music on SoundCloud:

  • First – scroll up, don’t change the website!
  • Second – select a promotion package that suits you, or any one that you can afford
  • Third – add to cart, fill in the form, pay.

Quite straightforward, isn’t it? Ordering a toothbrush on Amazon can be harder. And the toothbrush won’t make you popular, but the promotion will.

Just follow these steps, and your musical rivals will crawl to you asking for mercy! And you’ll look at them with contempt and say “pathetic”. Maybe we overworked the aggressiveness, our bad. But the point was made – you’ll be on top, and others – at the bottom.

Changing the rules of the game with SoundCloud promotion

Don’t follow the rules! Make your own rules! Don’t follow the pattern and algorithms of the past, look into the future! Streaming services are the future, but waiting for success without any help is the past. The past that has to be forgotten, left behind. Sometimes, the old must die to make room for the new. Just like Ella Fitzgerald used to say: “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do.”

Music industry is like a living organism, the whole universe in a small enclosure, per se. And you are a part of it, we all are gears in this mechanism. You create music, we promote it, people listen to it. But without promotion, it takes too much time for music to make a lasting effect, days, weeks, months, years. Do you want to wait? Do you have another lifetime and infinite creativity? It is time for you to cut corners, to make shortcuts, to do anything that can speed your career up, to make your fame come faster.

So, browse our SoundCloud promotion packages, choose the one that you like, and get ready to wake up famous! Only with SoundCloud promotion can it be achieved in such a short time. Turning years into weeks – that’s what SoundCloud promotion is all about.

What to choose?

Now you are looking at a huge variety of SoundCloud promotion packages and wonder – which one is right for me, which one is better? Here are some short highlights of all your options. First – stars with followers and plays. These two parameters alone can make a difference, change the course of your history. After you harvest the initial success, focus on comments, likes, and reposts. These SoundCloud promotion options will really polish your promotional success.

What is the real background of SoundCloud promotion?

Enough brainwashing, we’ll reveal hands right now. You deserve to know why the promotion on SoundCloud is real and works. There are two general reasons – SoundCloud algorithms, and human nature. Let’s start with the second one.

Since the dawn of men, people have been trying to group and unite. And since that time, the huge numbers of users or followers were the markers of quality. So it comes natural to people to assume the quality and worth of music when they see big numbers of likes, plays, followers. As soon as you have big numbers, more and more people will see your tracks, hear them from suggestions, listen to them, increasing your popularity organically!

Second reason is purely the nature of the SoundCloud system. The service has algorithms that were designed to suggest tracks and musicians to users, so increasing your numbers will definitely show the system that your music is booming. The system will suggest your music to more users, and with each day your audience will grow.

Do you see how such a small thing as SoundCloud promotion can change the game? Now you know how to promote on SoundCloud! And you know what to do! Scroll up, choose a package, and change your life!