Spotify promotion services - a legal cheat-code!

You are reading this. Why? Aren’t you sure of your abilities? Are you scared of what a big scary music industry can throw at you, a small little musician? Fear no more! No more b-shitting with all those boring introductions, only facts with a pinch of humor.

No “yo-mama jokes”,okay? If you are looking for a clown – it won’t work out for us. But if you are looking for a companion, a friend, ready to come to the rescue at any moment – you’ve got it! We’ll be your Rescue Rangers, your Chip and Dale, and you can be a damsel in distress of sorts.

Oops, got carried away again. What was it about? Oh, yeah, Spotify promotion services. We are offering that too, as well as our support and infinite love!

Here’s what to do:

  • Select a promotion service
  • Choose a promo package
  • Pay for it
  • Enjoy success and popularity
  • Repeat

Don’t make a mistake while picking your promotion service!

Carnie Wilson once said: “Becoming famous is a strange thing in your own right”. The industry of music isn’t a new thing. Music has been with us for as long as humans were called “homo sapiens”, and maybe even longer. But now, you, our dearest friend, are like a little mouse, trying to find a safe home where Jerry can’t get you. And Jerry is of course the failure.

Failure is now walking in the shadow of every musician, and one bad step could end your entire career. Just like in those tombs in Indiana Jones movies. The world of music is full of traps. And you need your own, personal guide, personal music-promotion guru, who knows what to do.

The hero you need and deserve, you need the one, the true master of his craft, that can effectively promote Spotify playlist as a whole, or a single track.

Picking the right service that provides real promotion on Spotify is sometimes a Mission Impossible thing. You need to consider tons of parameters, and in the end make a leap of faith. Should we call Tom Cruise for that?

There are so many questions to answer – is there a difference between real Spotify promotion and organic Spotify promotion? (no, there is none), should you promote your Spotify playlist? Is the Spotify playlist promotion really the best option? Woah, hold your horses!

How real is real promotion on Spotify?

No, we are not going to question the reality of the world we are living in, no Matrix crap. Simple question – simple answer. Maybe you think that we mean that the promotion of your music on Spotify is a real thing? Well, it is. But the point is – the promotion is real only when it is done by people. You can’t just add bots and call it a real or organic Spotify promotion. Here’s an easter egg for all Marvel fans reading this – We don’t do that here!

Believe us, we know our craft. Every member of our team has a musical background and history with music. But not just that – we have a goal, a prophecy of sorts, that we will become the best damn service for Spotify promotions, playlist promotions, and all that! We are destined to become the greatest! And with us, you will become the greatest!

Don’t look at us and think: “Oh, they just want my money, they don’t care about my music, my talent, they are just other folks who want to take all my money and give nothing in return. And they certainly can’t promote a Spotify playlist!”. If you have thought that – how dare you! That’s the worst insult we’ve ever heard! How dare you!

But jokes aside, seriously, look closely, and you will see a team of open-minded and positive people, with strong goals, beliefs, and determination to make you popular! C’mon, let’s become friends!

Are there other ways?

Sure, there are plenty. If you have cold feet – we understand. You can always pay some random Indian dude (no offense, Indians) with a bot-farm, who will generate millions of plays and followers dirt cheap. Isn’t that a true lifehack? So much for so little! But if you take off your pink glasses, you’ll see the future of such an affair – lifetime ban from Spotify. Do you want that? Do you want all your efforts to go to waste because you were too scared to get the competent and organic promotion on Spotify? Because you were a chicken? No! A hundred times NO!

By the way, a good promotion is not that much more expensive than the fake one. WIth a competent promotion services your Spotify account will become as popular as it could ever be. Drake will piss his pants in anger, when you take all his followers!

Spotify promotion is organic, vege, gluten free, why haven’t you got it yet?

Mate, there is not a lot to think about – you either ready to do something for your career, or you don’t. Your confidence is a main factor. Your confidence moves your hand, chooses the package above, and pays the bill. Your confidence and courage.

It is officially the best time to stop b***shitting yourself with ideas that fame is easy to get, or that every advice you see online will lead you to success. It is time to trust the pros, the masters, the ones who can save any track from the dark abyss with clever and well-executed Spotify playlist promotions.

Don’t ask us how we do that, how we give to our friends the best playlist promotion on Spotify, because we won’t tell you. It is a secret, just like a recipe of a Krabby Patty. Don’t try to be a Plankton, and certainly don’t make us a Mr. Crabbs. We are more like a SpongeBob – fans of our job!

Looks like we’ve mentioned the best Spotify playlist promotions far too many times now, so let’s ditch it for now.

Is this the end of this fantastic introduction to Spotify promotion services?

Sadly, it is time for us to end. Hope we didn’t bore you to death. You have something to think about now, some tough decisions to make – a thousand plays or a million? What will you choose? Peace!