Are you here to increase Spotify monthly listeners?

Let’s not kid yourself with the reasons why you came here. You didn;t come here because you are curios, you came here because you are desperate. You are desperate in your attempts to show the world what you’ve really got. And no, we will not here to comfort you, it is not the moment to sit and cry. It is time to act! It is time to take your fate into your hands and with the help of Spotify monthly listeners to conquer the musical Olympos! Leave all those babies down below, because you are going places!

We both know what you want. Again, all lies aside, we both know what you are after – fame. We get it, we totally get it. No one wants to be a little b**ch, everyone wants to be a king. Cause that’s what we’ve been hearing and seeing since we were little kids. On TC, on the Internet, in magazines, everyone is obsessed with popularity. The media simply has no chill! They push and push the idea of wealth and power of musicians, they push the need for success. There is simply no show that has ever said – you have to like what you do, and do it without being liked by the masses. All those bas**rds are saying: “you need to be popular to get the feeling of fulfillment, no no other way is the correct one”. They say:

  • Only popularity brought me happiness
  • I need those money, that’s why I’m making music
  • No money = no interest for me
  • My creativity can’t be free. Pay me!
  • If i wasn’t so popular I’d die!

Sometimes they are right, but what happened to that sweet little kid who just played the guitar without the constantly present idea to conquer the stage? You were that kid once, so why do you want to buy Spotify monthly listeners so badly? Because society says so! The industry is forcing you to do it! Sorry, got carried away. We are just too passionate about music and young creators.

How to increase Spotify monthly listeners?

Despite all that anger that you’ve seen earlier, we are not here to stop you from buying monthly listeners on Spotify.On contrary, we will try to encourage you to do it. Don’t be a pu**y, don’t be afraid to change your life! So, you need an algorithm to follow. But don’t be a robot, improvise on that algorithm. You can write a symphony! You can turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece! yeah, we like that movie too, maybe we’ll go and watch it now. But you, read further to find out how to get more monthly listeners on Spotify. Back to the algorithm:

First – find the best service to buy Spotify monthly listeners (Congrats, you have found it already!).

Second – choose a package and pay for it

Boom, you’re done! Easy as a piece of cake! Now you know how to get more monthly listeners on Spotify, and we hope you will use our advice. If you’ll have any questions about how to increase monthly listeners on Spotify, please we will be happy to explain!

What are those Spotify monthly listeners?

So foolish of us! We almost forgot to explain what those are and why you should choose them! No, we haven’t got amnesia, don’t call the cops! There are certainly no chinese kids working in the basement for food!

To put it simple, the number of Spotify monthly listeners shows the number of unique users that have listened to your music for the past month. Many argue that this parameter is useless, but British scientists have found that monthly listeners are crucial for every music creator. They should get a Ig Nobel prize for that, haha.

It turns out that the algorithms of Spotify rely on this parameter when calculating the coverage of a musician. No need to get skeptical, it is true.

What are those mysterious packages above?

Now you know the basics of how to increase monthly listeners on Spotify, tell us: did you get that feeling of curiosity? Did you question your past decisions?

Those packages are like a happy meal for your career. No one wants to buy just one cheeseburger, everyone wants a bundle. So yes, you can choose a bundle too. All those numbers that you see may sound ridiculous, but in reality, they are more than manageable to obtain! Let us just turn on our “Make-popular-izer 2000” and no platypus can stop us!

C’mon, just pick a number. No need to question how to get more monthly listeners on Spotify, just instant result. These packages are a cup of instant noodles, and all you have to do is to add water! Just a few clicks and an instant increase in the number of Spotify monthly listeners is yours!

Remember – don’t be afraid to act!  Follow the advice of Frank Zappa: “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible”. The time to hide in the darkness is over! It is time for you to act! Spotify is not able to make you popular, we’ve seen evidence of it in the past. The algorithms are faulty and too machine-like.But still, it holds its ground as the most popular music streaming service in the world! Amazing success nonetheless.

What is the ideal strategy? Are Spotify monthly listeners enough for success?

If you want a fast answer – sometimes. Sometimes the small increase in the number of Spotify monthly listeners is enough. But quite often you need a more sophisticated strategy. Ask any DJ, any music producer, whether they were looking how to increase monthly listeners on Spotify, and about their experience, and you’ll hear the exact same thing – You need more than that.

You have to be a bartender, mixing a perfect cocktail. You need to mix Spotify monthly listeners, plays, followers, and other numbers in such proportions, that Spotify algorithms will like it. And believe us, that taste is hard to please! Spotify creators consider themselves to be the wise wizards of the music industry, so just a small sip of a wrongly mixed drink can turn the favor of algorithms away forever. So, are you ready to mix some drinks?