Is YouTube promotion that effective today?

Famous lyrics by Dire Straits perfectly show the reality of YouTube. You’ve seen it, everywhere. All those YouTubers, making sh*t load of money by doing bizarre and weird stuff. If your content does not match theirs in weirdness, then you have only one option to succeed – YouTube promotion.

With all those changes that we have seen recently on YouTube, changes in algorithms, in user behaviors, in basically everything, the just question arises – “How well does YouTube videos promotion stand up to modern standards?”

Well, you are asking right questions. As a young content creator, everything that corresponds to career building is of significant importance to you. We understand it, it is your craft, your passion, your dream came true. And it will be unfair to leave you without answers.
To answer this question we should look closely on YouTube algorithms. Brace yourself, the boring part starts!

Algorithms of YouTube are somewhat special. In some ways they work just like any other algorithms based on numbers and popularity parameters. it looks at your numbers of subscribers, likes, views, comments, etc. Then, it calculates a popularity coefficient. After that, based on that coefficient it decides, whether to show your content to users or not.

In other situations, it seems like those algorithms work randomly, showing videos with no views or likes to huge numbers of people. But situations like this are pretty rare. So we won’t account for that. Let’s focus on general ideas and most common scenarios.

So, to give you a quick answer – yes, it still works and you need to promote YouTube channel you own. Boring part is over! Let’s drink for it! On us! Not alcohol, just apple juice. Healthy and fresh. Just like your career will be after the promotion.

Where to promote YouTube channel?

Sorry, no interesting lyrics to start. Not even from movies. Are you here to get entertained? Or to get useful advice? Then close your beautiful mouth and read.

“Where to promote my YouTube channel” is a question that really needs answering. We’ve got you the answer – right here. When? Right now. You can close our website, for sure. You can choose another promotion service, why should we care? But we care. We can’t allow you to spend your money on something terrible.

Your career is something to root for, content – something to enjoy and show to friends. And everything you do deserves high quality promotion, with decent attention to details and affordable prices.

All that search you conduct will eventually bring you back to us, so why bother spending hours and hundreds of dollars to eventually get our promotion?

We are pros in YouTube promotion, and have been doing it for some time now. Thousands of satisfied clients are now stars in their region, earning thousands of dollars per video. Money from YouTube partnership program, money from ads – they get it all. And you can get them too! The time has come to elevate your content and its promotion!

How promote YouTube channel?

That’s the one. The question we have been waiting for. Now you have made a mistake, asking us this. Now we will tell you what to do! And you will obey! Your mind is ours! Like that hypno-frog from Futurama we will hypnotize you, make you our puppet!

Promote your content with us, would you kindly? Got it? Yeah, Bioshock. Are there any fans left? Oh no, you are too young to know this. There was a game once, called “Bioshock”… But you can google it yourself, we are not a magazine about games. We are about content promotion. We are here to tell you how to promote YouTube channel.

To promote YouTube channel you need to follow this procedure:

  1. scroll the page up
  2. select a promotion package that you like the most
  3. add it to cart
  4. fill in some details regarding your YouTube profile
  5. Pay for the package
  6. Enjoy your well-earned popularity

You see, there are no options to choose a promotion service. There are no more services out there that can give such quality as we can. Don’t even try looking.

What are you doing? Stop! Stop googling other services for YouTube promotion. Stop! Stoooop! Okay, you’re back. No one can offer such great packages, right?

This is the only way! As the only way to destroy the ring was to throw it into the fires of the Mountain of Doom. There can be only one way to promote YouTube channel – the way we described earlier. And if you really want to achieve something, you will follow our algorithm without deviations.

What else to do?

If you still have doubts, you can try to do some frss things. First – try to increase the quality of your content. There always is a space for growth, so you will definitely find ways. Next – try to choose better thumbnails. Good catchy thumbnail is one of the main reasons a person opens your video. It should be catchy, interesting, intriguing. Don’t forget to add correct tags. Even despite the fact that some people call them irrelevant, there still is some impact from them.

That’s basically all you can do for free. Well, maybe sending your video to your friends? But you have already done that, right? That’s why you’re here. You’ve tried all of that and the results didn’t satisfy you.

It’s okay that you are a demanding person. Usually, the ones who want more, get more. You have to strive for more in everything – it’s always a way to success.

Maybe YouTube videos promotion? Maybe the time has come for you to make a leap of faith? To make that jump? We are sure that you have to choose, whether you want your career to struggle or thrive.

But should I?

Should I promote my channel YouTube? Why promote my channel YouTube?

If you still haven’t noticed, the reasons are mentioned before. You should and will promote your channel. It is a complex way of increasing the popularity of every video in particular, so don’t forget about it.

When you promote your channel, all videos simultaneously get the same chance of becoming popular. All videos get shown to users at the same time, so there are no “favorites”.

How can you even ask such silly questions? How can you doubt doing anything for the sake of your success and fame? How can you justify doing nothing and letting your career slowly fade away into nothingness? Ask yourself these questions, and then tell us, should you promote your channel?

YouTube promotion – a beam of light in the darkness

When the times are dark… When no views are flowing… When no one cares what you do… When the only thing you can do to save yourself is YouTube videos promotion… You know such moments, right?

You know how it feels to lose hope. To be useless. To be unpopular. Maybe it is your current state. But we are here to teach you how to change that. If you feel low on motivation, read this text once again. All you need to know about how to promote YouTube channel, algorithms, or general knowledge about this giant video-streaming service.

With these last words left for us, these hundreds of meaningless words, what else do you want us to tell you? A joke? A story about a little train? C’mon, pal, stop chillin, start working. Just do something! Promote your YouTube channel, bro! It is the last piece of motivation you get from us! Just do it! DO IT!