FIVE Spotify Playlist Placement

Playlists are conquering the market. More music gets uncovered from playlists now. Spotify knows it and tweaks algorithms accordingly. If users discover music from popular playlists, each play or follower gets additional meaning for algorithms.

We both know how important they are. And we both realize the urgency of this purchase. One placement in a premium Spotify playlist can change the whole course of your career. From a small musician it can make you a popular star in a matter of weeks.

You will get approximately:

5k – 10k royalty streams from US, Europe.

★ New listeners 

 Spotify rating points

★ Related tracks ranking

★ Organic increasing coverage

★ All genres

NOTE: some part of streams will be set off by Spotify as «Other listener’s playlists»

We generate traffic and delivery of plays directly through our playlist for all subscribers, through various advertising companies, using target music groups, blogs, partner’s music platforms and other ways of involving the target audience. Song going to be placed on our VA (VARIOUS ARTISTS Playlists network)

Delivery time: Playlists proofs: 1-2 Days. Streams Delivery 20-30 Days.
Fast Delivery
Organic Source
Viral Effect


Fast Delivery
Organic Source
Viral Effect