Terms and Conditions


  1. These Terms of Service are the newest ones, updated on April 18th 2022.
  2. The following terms are applicable for users of our website, ROCKETFAME. Read them diligently, make sure you understand them fully before using the website.
  4. If you’re using a website, it means you have accepted these Terms of Service and will remain by them and all changes that might come in the future.
  5. We are rightful owners of a license and possess all intellectual property rights on this website and any published materials. Spelling and typing mistakes are reserved on this website.
  6. Terms of Service rules remain applicable and right at all times, in case you may have any contradictions or any complaints regarding the use of our website or presented Terms of Service.


  1. Our service can be used solely for promotional purposes.
  2. Any data collected about our users may and will be used only for enhancements of commercial propositions on the platform. No personal data is sold or distributed to third-party companies.
  3. Users will not upload any unsuitable, unacceptable, progibited materials, such as pornography or nudity.
  4. Website users will not exploit the system knowingly.
  5. The system can’t and shouldn’t be used for users’ own purpose. Building a personal promotion service based on our product is prohibited.
  6. The order delivery may be delayed beyond the previously mentioned date on the order form. Such situations may occur sometimes. If your order wasn’t delivered in time, please contact our support team, and we’ll do everything to find a proper solution.
  7. If a delivery is delayed it is not an excuse for applying for a refund.
  8. The exact size of delivery can exceed slightly the one you’ve ordered. If it’s less than advertised, please contact our support team.
  9. Our service is not responsible for any consequences that may appear after use of our services. You use this service at your own risk.
  10. Users may become inactive with time or be not real. Service bears no responsibility for peoples’ behavior that cannot be predicted. You must understand that after-promotion behavior of attracted followers, subscribers, etc. is out of the website’s responsibility.
  11. If clients introduce any changes to their unique account link (url) after order submission, service cannot guarantee refills aor accurate service delivery.
  12. The website can’t provide lifetime refill warranty for offered services. Guarantees regarding recovery are mentioned in product description. If no data is offered, we will provide a recovery guarantee during the first 60 days after the initial purchase.
  13. Ordering promotion help from other services is prohibited. Doing so will result in inability to correctly deliver our services.


  1. Since our promotional platform offers non-tangible goods, no refund can be issued after the successful delivery of an order. Customers are obliged to understand their responsibility before purchasing any item on the website. Our service prioritizes customer satisfaction above anything else. We work constantly on improving the quality of services we offer.

Clients must realize and understand all risks attached to the promotional services. All responsibility for such actions is solely on clients. If anything goes wrong with the promotion or its outcomes, the website bears no responsibility for it.

Refund can be obtained if these conditions are met:

  1. No services were delivered. Situations occur when an order can’t be performed in time or at all. It can happen due to technical hiccups, faulty links the client has submitted, and other irregularities. In such situations a full refund can be issued.
  2. Services weren’t delivered in full. If in the mentioned time the delivery didn’t happen or does not fit the advertised size, partial refund can be issued. Clients also can ask for another form of compensation.
  3. Service has flopped. Every client must understand that offered services are temporary. We can’t guarantee that every user will want to follow you or listen to your music all day long. Please, bear in mind that long-term results of promotion depend solely on users of a given streaming platform.
  4. Our team can’t guarantee refunding after we start fulfilling clients’ order. This happens due to the fact that at that point our investments in promotion, paying labor costs to our employees, payments for partnership services have already started to add up.
  5. Refund cases are considered separately. If the return will be issued and a part of clients’ finances would be spent on promotion needs at that point, refund will cover only the amount of money left. These spendings include paying salaries, taxes, additional expenses and payments to partnering platforms for their services.

If an application is submitted within the first 12 hours, clients can expect only a 25% refund. If it happens after the 12th hour but before the 24th, no refund is issued.

In case you have issues with our service, please contact our support team. Experts work day and night to satisfy our customers and provide relevant, fast support. Thanks for cooperation and purchase!



The way private information is used and processed by us is covered by Privacy Policy. We constantly implement additional security measures to ensure maximum protection of user data.

Any data we gather will be used only for order delivery purposes. No data is sent or leaked to third-party companies.


Our promotion service bears no responsibility of any content-deletion or account suspension performed by Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, TikTok, or any other platform.

Note: We are not affiliates of Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pandora, Audiomack, Tidal, or any other music and content streaming/hosting platform.